Reclaiming Utopia Poetry


The following poems were co-created by groups during our reclaiming utopia workshops.

Untitled 1 (Mandrill, Maastricht)

I’m feeling quiet. Separate.
For a time
But not unnoticed
You are here to pick me up
and cast me towards the stars
not without coming to
(still quiet, still separate)
Why not both?
Collapse then regrowth,
utopia from destruction.
Use stillness and quietness
on our own actions
to create with right intentions.
Action = manifestation.

Untitled 2 (Mandrill, Maastricht)

Give them not power but
The ability to do what’s needed
No capitalistic needs
But a meaningful purpose for
May love rule our interactions
Not greed
May we be together
In place and heart
May we gather gaia’s luscious fruits
And truly know the gifts we receive
And then, nourished, nourish in turn
What surrounds us with generosity