Reclaiming Utopia Workshop


This workshop is about reclaiming our ability to imagine a better world. It’s about reconnecting with imagination and vision as core drivers of social change.

For years we have been following the question: how can we give people an experience in a few hours that will open the doorway to new ways of living and being?

Our answers come together in the Reclaiming Utopia workshop.

By collectively exploring new visions for the future and how we can live them out in the present moment, we can discover how to actively embody the world we want to live in.

Together we will create and explore holistic visions of the future that touch on the emotional, intellectual, artistic, playful, contemplative, ritualistic, embodied, and social spheres.

Each workshop is unique: a self-evolving experiment in collective intelligence, an artwork co-created by all who attend - including you!

Why is this important?

Our imaginations have been silenced. We struggle to believe in the possibility of alternative lifestyles - let alone attempt living them. This is only natural: political and education systems must repress imaginations in order to create obedient economic robots. But now we are breaking free.

Climate Change

All this comes at a time when human extinction looms large on the horizon; multiple crises and revolutions continue to explode around us and within us. At this pivotal moment in Earth’s history, how can we use imagination and vision to navigate collapse and build a free and just society?

We can only navigate crises as well as we can conceive radically new ways of living. In this way, humanity’s current challenges can be seen not just as causes for despair but as shining lights of opportunity that a new world can be born - even in the face of collapse.

Through the process of collectively envisioning a new world, we might just find we have already started creating it.

Who are we?

XR Pink Boat

Trained in fundamental physics and philosophy, Will and Julyan escaped London’s consumer dystopia to hitchhike through Europe writing poetry and philosophy, dropping in on festivals and conferences… only to return to help organise Extinction Rebellion’s radical street-occupations-cum-protest-festivals, and found a nomadic community project by squatting an empty grammar school. These experiences culminate in this innovative and experimental workshop, touted by cultural change-makers to be the “next-best-thing after a heady shamanic psychedelic ritual”. See their writing here.


Inspired by metamodernism: the dance between extreme enthusiasm and extreme skepticism, irony and sincerity, meaningfulness and nihilism…

Inspired by Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects.


The Phoenix Project’s “Reclaiming Utopia” workshop invites participants to discover both cognitive and embodied resources within themselves to be active change makers in their communities. Through a well rhythmed combination of intellectually engaging and meditative exercises the workshop widens participants’ field of the possible beyond existing paradigms. The holistic experience Will and Julyan generate reveals the intrinsic value and meaningfulness to be found in working with others on projects we believe in. Participants discover the possibility of being grounded in themselves even whilst facing chaos in the world around them. As a group, they are brought together through creating bonds of sharing and trust. - Thomas Kaye (workshop participant)

Upcoming Workshops

We will be running our workshop during the Extinction Rebellion protests in London in October.

If you are interested in collaborating or would like us to run the workshop with your group, community or venue contact us at:

Previous Workshops

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